Meetings and Events

Executive Committee Meetings
The monthly meetings of the Executive Committee is held and fixed for 5pm on the second Tuesday of the month at the Branch Secretariat at 12 & 13, Block XV, Kolapo Ishola GRA, Akobo, Ibadan. Usually lasting for about 3 hours on the average, the meetings which have become well structured are held to address issues germane to the progress of the branch, usually discussed and debated in an atmosphere devoid of rancor. It is at such meetings that programmes of activities for the year are planned and written reports bon various assignments were presented by executive members asked to handle such assignments. To cut cost, it was agreed several years ago that entertainment at Executive Committee meetings should be provided on rotational basis by members of the executive. Proper minutes of meetings are also kept by the branch secretary. The Secretary also keeps the record of attendance at meetings that are presented at the Annual General Meetings of the branch.

Monthly General Meetings   
Also, the monthly general meeting of the Branch, fixed for 5pm on the last Monday of the month, has remained so to date. Typical activities at monthly meetings include opening prayer, brief welcome remark by the Branch chairman; self introduction by members in attendance by name, membership status, engineering discipline, and place of work to promote familiarity and cordiality amongst members. The programme of the day may be a lecture, seminar, or general discussion; general announcements, collection of annual dues, closing remarks by the Branch Chairman; and closing prayer.
Typical meetings last for about two to three hours. Average attendance recorded in the regular monthly meetings rose to about 80 members from the year 2000 onwards. Seniority is respected with the front row seats reserved for Fellows of the society in attendance. Snacks are served to all members in attendance.
These monthly meetings are advertised on radio (Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria and Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo state). Also all special programmes and public lectures organized by the branch are covered by the print and electronic media. While series of activities including presentation of technical papers, general lectures, and discussions are held in the months of January to July, the rest of the year are usually reserved for the following events:
  • Engr. Lawrence Oluwawemimo Arokodare Memorial Lecture
  • Engr. Babafunso Graduate Engineer of the Year Competition
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Annual Dinner
  • Engineering Week

Industrial Visits
The branch has maintained the tradition of paying industrial visits to engineering projects, organizations, and industries from the 1960s to date. This activity has, over the years, been part of the portfolio of the incumbent technical secretary of the branch. Notable engineering firms within and around Ibadan have been visited, though there were a few instances when the Branch was denied access to some engineering organizations. Unfortunately, due to the economic recession of the 1980s and the 1990s, numerous engineering firms and factories located in Ibadan folded up resulting in loss of jobs to engineers and loss of opportunity for the NSE to visit such firms. Also, there were a few years when such visits were not carried out for several reasons to the consternation of members.

Annual General Meetings
The AGM of the branch is held on every last monday of the month by 4pm. Highlights of the AGM include presentation of written reports by the key elected officers of the branch including the Chairman, Secretary, technical secretary, treasurer and internal auditor, as well as the election of new officers. One of the most keenly debated reports is usually that of the Treasurer. It is however note-worthy that election into various offices in the Branch has over the years remained free of rancor. Also the branch has remained de-tribalised (a major positive feature of Ibadan), non-discriminatory and gender-friendly. Election into offices has remained largely a matter of merit and not the state of origin, branch of engineering discipline or gender. Therefore, over the years, chairmen and other executive members of the branch have emerged from various part of Nigeria and various engineering disciplines. Both male and female engineers have also held positions including female branch secretary and vice-chairman on a number of occasions.

Annual Dinner
The annual dinner of the branch is held either in November or December of every year in a choice location ranging from a well-appointed hotel to an ultra-modern events center in Ibadan. Many dignitaries are usually present at such dinners including the President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Chief Executive Officers of engineering organizations, fellows of NSE, the Chairmen of other reputable professional Associations and former Branch Chairmen of Ibadan Branch. Typical highlights of the event include:

  •  Induction of newly admitted corporate members of NSE
  •  Presentation of awards to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize Winners of the Graduate Engineer of the Year Competition
  •  Presentation of awards to individuals and corporate organizations
  •  Presentation of Branch’s Chairman Award
  •  Presentation of the Branch Executive Members for the forthcoming year
  •  Fund-raising